Basic skating position

Having the correct skating position is the most important element of skating technique. It is the base from which all technique exercises are given from. With the correct position it allows the skater to be lower, which increases balance and power.

Straight line technique

The straight line technique can be broken down into two area, firstly the position which covers the basic skating position and balance on each foot. The second part of straight line technique is the push portion. Where to push, how to push, and then eventually moving onto advanced technique exercises like the double push.

Corner technique

Corner technique can be broken down into three areas. Firstly similar to straight line technique, the basic position is the same. Secondly the push in the corner, how to push with the outside leg to maintain the correct position and grip. And lastly the cross over, where is the correct position and how to get the post power from the inside leg.

Skating in a group

Skating in a group can often be a scary experience, but when mastered it can be one of the most enjoyable times in skating. It allows you to save energy by rest in the draft of your competitors. We'll give different drills to allow you to feel more comfortable moving a group and relaxing as much as possible.

Event preparation

Preparing for an event should be a fun experience. We'll discuss what to do the final few days before an event, the day before an event, the hours before an event, and then the final minutes before an event. Equipment prepartion, what to end and drink, and other tips from the pro's.