Be Powerful

Powerskating is born to fill a gap in the market. Many skaters seem lost between speed skating and fitness skating. They enjoy events such as the Berlin Marathon, they can go as fast as some speed skaters, but they enjoy the comfort of their fitness skates.
Skaters were looking for more structure to their skating. A community, some advice, goals, or a coach.

This is where Powerskating was born

We have created skates to give the PowerSkater the best equipment to reach their goals. With wheels up to 125mm, fast roll and performance are guaranteed. But at the same time the powerskates have a high or semi high cuff, to give the powerskaters the comfort and support to resist during that marathon or other challenge they choose to face.

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PowerSkating is part of the powerskating community

How can I improve my marathon best time?
What technique drill can help me become a better skater?

To assist you with this, we have the PowerTeam, filled with experienced world level skaters, who know everything about correct skating form. Bart Swings, Felix Rijhnen, Scott Arlidge and Katharina Rumpus offer their expertise to help the powerskaters improve their skills. Not only online with videos, pictures, articles, but also in person on the PowerTour. A series of clinics where powerskaters can get up close and personal with the PowerTeam.

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